The behaviour of tangible and intangible materials intrigues me.

The patterns they go through connect with human psychology.

I am a Production Designer, Material and Performance Artist. 

Hello! I'm naitiemu





Visual storytelling through film and installations


Materials have emotions too...



Every body movement carries with it an emotion... so deep


Been playing around with AR Prototypes using 3d scanned models...

Art is food to the soul

see you at the River!😊


Let me take you into a new world. A collection of audio-visual stories. I aim to connect with all your senses while answering the most basic questions:

Why are we really here?

Films, music videos, festivals, installations, animations, sound collection


The feeling of touching something. The textures, the visual stimulations, the transformation of materials from one to the next. These materials have emotions too, expressed in their own ways :

Paintings, collages, photographs, woodcut prints, metal artworks, digital artworks


The energy I feel and consume is expressed through body motion; every emotion carries a beat that can be played.

Addressing matters such as mental health, identity, sex, cultural heritage among other themes.

Performance artworks, video performances

I AM...

I merge scientific principles with artistic concepts through my technical understanding of material science, supported by a Bsc degree in Civil Engineering. This has influenced an experimental approach to material manipulation, involving optical, video and audio concepts.

I work as creative lead at Nairobi Design Week since 2019. As Covid-19 pandemic hit us, we broadened our digital platforms and work on projects. We created a platform to link creatives to opportunities (

We released the ‘Labelled Human’ song and music video, which had over 50+ creatives come together under the theme ‘Design is for Everyone’ for a week of jam sessions, mural painting and design activities during Nairobi Design Week 2020 Festival.

NDW 2021 festival was our first fully online festival, featuring stories and works from 100+ creatives, and live streams all week with different communities in Kenya and around the world.

I love working with creatives across different genres. I've worked across art, photography, music, apparels, jewellery, film, real-estate projects and continue broadening my practice.

Merging different elements and principles allows me to explore the multi-dimensionality of art. A piece of artwork can transform into many forms, but the emotion evoked remains the same.

I will continue employing art as a tool that connects with the community and helps solve contemporary issues within our society.

life is a journey...


Nature lover

I am one with all there is


Inner child

Day Dreamer

Building castles in the air