Hello! I'm naitiemu

The behaviour of tangible and intangible materials intrigues me.

The patterns they go through connect with human psychology.

I am a Production, Material and Performance Artist. 

Check out my latest project Enkang' ang' - an immersive experience within a traditional Maasai manyatta homestead; with a re-imagined future.

I AM...

I am curious about understanding human psychology and our relationship with our environment.

By exploring myself as an individual connected with community and nature, I create experiences and artworks that provoke conversations around mental health awareness, culture and female energy.

I am a material, production and performance artist, with a background in civil engineering.

I combine multiple ways in which our senses and perceptions are influenced by spaces and stories.

I have worked on installations that involve transformation of spaces using waste materials such as Kilifi New Year installation ; ‘MEET GOD’, which upcycled thousands of plastic bottles into a tunnel installation ; with mirrors; a space of reflection and calmness during the festival frenzy.

I have worked as festival lead at Nairobi Design, which entails curating, coordinating and showcasing exceptional, unconventional experiences with the community in Kenya, and Africa, while collaborating globally.

Nairobi Design Week 2023, the 8th edition, took place from March 11th-19th at Opportunity Factory, themed ‘It's What We Make It.'

I believe that Nature is our greatest teacher, and with the creations I am part of, I strive to create cycles that regenerate and improve lives holistically.

Art is soul

Films, music videos, festivals, installations, animations, sound collection

Paintings, collages, photographs, woodcut prints, metal artworks, digital artworks

Performance artworks, video performances